Foster Children Safe Haven’s programs are designed to create services that better match available resources with the needs of each child. Foster Children Safe Haven teams are tailored to provide individualized plans of care which are culturally sensitive and build on the child’s strengths.

The children we work with are dependents of the Dependency court and a plan is determined by that court and the county child protective agency as to reuniting them with their birth family or another suitable relative. If no such plan is appropriate, the court determines a more suitable long-term plan, such as adoption or legal guardianship.

Foster Children Safe Haven offers services from three offices (Bakersfield, Visalia and the Inland Empire/Orange County Office). Our foster care programs provide family living and specialized services to many children and teens each year. Although we work with all age groups (Infant to 21 years old), there is an increasing need for families to work with teenagers up to age 21 and sibling groups. Whatever age, the children/teens need caring families to welcome them and give them the personal care they need.

Foster Children Safe Haven continuously searches for and trains qualified families to be able to understand what these children need and how to guide them through their foster care experience. Having to live through the trauma of abuse, neglect and separation from birth family, each child has their unique reaction and needs. The Foster Children Safe Haven team (including the resource parent), works together to provide support, nurturance and consistent parenting to the children. Referrals to appropriate service providers (Therapist, medical/dental, etc.) and teaming with the Foster Children Safe Haven staff assists the resource family and child to resolve trauma-related issues and receive appropriate medical/dental care along the way. Resource parents who take in teenagers are especially needed to serve as role models for the teenagers and to help them develop independent living skills as they move towards adulthood. Families for teen parents are also needed. These teen parents are given the opportunity to learn effective parenting skills and accept responsibility for themselves and raising their child. Resource parents are specially trained to care for both the teenage parent and baby, and serve as a role model for the teenager so she can better parent her own child.

During the resource parent training and approval process, the family and staff of Foster Children Safe Haven come to an agreement as to the best fit for the new resource family (Age, sex of child(ren), maximum number of children each family can care for, etc.). When a child placement is requested by the county placement agency, Foster Children Safe Haven staff will contact available resource families regarding the need for placement. We share with the resource family all of the available information known about the child and her/his situation. Once the child is placed with the resource family, an agency social worker will work with the family and the child on adjusting to the new situation. Once children are placed with one of the resource families, the family and child(ren) receive a full array of services and support (on-call 24/7).

We are always looking to have families join our team here at Foster Children Safe Haven and welcome anyone who has questions or wants to look into joining our team to call or email us.
Therapeutic Foster Family Care

Therapeutic Foster Family Care

As active members of the child’s treatment team, Foster Children Safe Haven resource parents become a major resource to the children/teens, thus they are referred to as “Resource Parents”. Resource parents receive a full array of services, including:

Ongoing training and support from Foster Children Safe Haven.

Weekly Face-to-Face contact by Foster Children Safe Haven staff.

On-call support (24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week)

Financial compensation and Adoption assistance

Become a Foster Children Safe Haven Resource Parent!

To schedule orientation or for more information, contact the Office in your area (See bottom of page) or email us at: Hablamos Español.